About Hyperloop


Technology has rapidly accelerated through the last few decades, thanks to the innumerable visionaries behind their design and development. Among them, one such is Elon Musk, “A leader in global technologists”, he is the man behind tech giants Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX. Credited for many unique designs, his newest brainchild goes by the name of “Hyperloop”.

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  1. Hyperloop is a transport system based on levitating capsules, which travel at high speed inside a large vacuum tube. It is a pod propelling in closed vacuum tube.
  2. It is intended to be a new way to move people or freight quickly, safely and on-demand.
  3. Most of the air is removed from inside a long tube and a levitated pod is accelerated through it, using a linear electric motor and magnetic levitation.The pod can glide quietly for long distances matching airline speeds, due to the extremely low aerodynamic drag and non-contact suspension.
  4. Hyperloop, as Elon Musk calls it,”a crossover between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table” is being viewed as the 5th mode of transportation. It’s immune from almost all weather conditions like wind, ice and fog.
  5. Imagine an India where a non-disruptive transportation technology called the Hyperloop could transport passengers and freight from Chennai to Bengaluru in about 25 minutes. A journey that currently takes 6:30hrs by a train, 6hrs by car and 1hr by plane.


      More Speed

          less time

    Energy efficient