Structures Design and Analysis

The domain is responsible for building the chassis, shell, stability mechanisms,wheels, suspension, material selection, integration of sub systems and manufacturing of the Hyperloop pod. It deals with designing the pod based on the different forces acting on it. Major role in assembling the components of the pod.

Propulsion and Braking

The domain is responsible for propelling and sustaining high speeds using electric power while keeping the weight, power requirement and size to a minimum.The domain is also responsible for bringing to the Hyperloop Pod to full stop safely and always in the least distance and time while expending the least amount of energy. It deals with propelling the pod through partially vacuum tube efficiently at high speeds. Deals with reducing the speed of the pod from about high speeds to 0 within a short distance safely and reliably. Vehicle dynamics is also taken into consideration for the performance parameters of the pod.

Electronics and Embedded Systems

The domain is responsible for providing power to all the systems in the Hyperloop Pod, code the control systems, integrate the sensors.It is responsible for controlling and managing the input from the sensors, processing it and ending it to the mechanical components. Thus making a semi-autonomous system.Data Acquisition System gathers information from all the sensors and acts as a mediator between the sensor and the control board. Battery Management System, performs functions that are vital in maintaining the safety and smooth functioning of the system such as cell protection, charge control, SOC determination, SOH determination, cell balancing, thermal management and communication.

Corporate Relations

The corporate aspect of the team, looking after the financial needs of the project. This domain handles documentation and keeps an account of the sponsors. The domain is responsible for marketing and branding of the project and acts a bridge between the team and the public. The domain also looks after the overall graphics and designing, required by the team. The domain is responsible for securing sponsorships and collecting funds for the team, so as to provide the technical domains the required resources. Also handles the social platform of the team and looks after the team’s finances